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Captive Heart

Captive Heart

Show Grandma you care with this keepsake. The red wire is very flexible, so she can extract the note and treat while keeping the ornament to remind her of her sweetheart. 

  • 16-inch length of 20-gauge silver craft wire
  • Heart-shaped cookie cutter
  • Wire cutters or nail clippers
  • Red craft wire (24 gauge or higher)
  • Heart-shaped note and treat
  • Ribbon
Total Time Needed: 1 Hour
  1. Captive Heart - Step 1 To make the heart, bend the craft wire around a pencil to form a loop 4 inches from one end (A).
  2. Captive Heart - Step 2 Center the loop atop a 2-inch heart-shaped cookie cutter, and wrap the wire around the heart, pressing to shape it (B).
  3. Captive Heart - Step 3 After you’ve made 2 loops, twist the ends together and trim the excess with wire cutters or nail clippers.
  4. Captive Heart - Step 4 Remove the cookie cutter, then secure one end of a 3-foot length of red craft wire (24 gauge or higher) to the heart (C).
  5. Captive Heart Ornament Step5 Run the red wire across the heart’s front and back, wrapping it around the silver wire at each pass. Enclose a heart-shaped note and treatas you go (D).
  6. Tuck in the end of the red wire and tie a ribbon through the loop for hanging.

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Queen Creek Olive Mill – Chocolate Olive Oil – HIT w/Phil Lempert

Queen Creek Olive Mill – Chocolate Olive Oil – Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Imported Cocoa Oil
[Image of: Chocolate Olive Oil]


This product is a HIT! A friend of mine actually gave me this product as a gift. I’ve never tried a blend of olive oil and cacao oil. The aroma is very chocolate-y and the taste is very interesting and actually very good. Although they do suggest pouring it over ice cream or cheesecake I think their recommendation of sauteing it with chili peppers might be the best idea – reminiscent of a mole sauce, but lighter. Yes, it has limited uses, but it’s the perfect gift for the wannabe chef, or to bring to a Superbowl party and drizzle it over popcorn. My one complaint is I would like to know what country the oils came from. One other recommendation is either an amber bottle, or even a brown bottle to differentiate from other oils and protect it against the light.
$17.00 / 8.45 fl ozQCom Partners LLC

Ratings Criteria

With over 50,000 products in the average supermarket, people don’t have the time, or the money, to test every product on the shelves and with 15,000 new products every year consumers need to know what’s out there!

So Phil does the testing and the tasting for you and gives the product a rating out of 100 so you know what you can expect when you try something new!

SupermarketGuru does not sell the foods we review, nor receive any compensation from the manufacturers for reviewing or rating them.

Phil taste-tests and judges each product based on the following 8 criteria:

  1. (30 points) Taste: The most important attribute of any food
  2. (20 points) Value: Is it worth it?
  3. (15 points) Health: Based off the nutritional information, is it nutritionally balanced?
  4. (15 points) Ingredients: What’s in it, how natural is it?
  5. (5 points) Preparation: When applicable, how accurate or good are the directions *
  6. (5 points) Appearance: Is it appetizing and does it resemble its photo or description
  7. (5 points) Packaging: Is it appropriate for the product and does it have any benefits such as resealability, added freshness, better storage, etc.
  8. (5 Points) Sustainability: Is the packaging biodegradable, is it wasteful, is the company endeavoring to offset their carbon footprint?

* products that do not have any preparation will have the full value of these points included in their total score

Scoring Breakdown:

Taste-29 96.67%
Value-16 80.00%
Health-15 100.00%
Ingredients-15 100.00%
Preparation-5 100.00%
Appearance-5 100.00%
Packaging-5 100.00%
Sustainability-1 20.00%
Total-91 91%
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