Artisanal Chocolate Created by DB Infusion Chocolates

20 Jan

Source: – Created byDB Infusion Chocolates

Artisanal ChocolateCreated byDB Infusion Chocolates

Artisanal Chocolate
Created byDB Infusion Chocolates

Chocolates: 27 Piece BoxThese beautiful chocolates are hand crafted by artisan chocolatiers using only the highest-quality and freshest ingredients available, creating a melange of flavor, aroma, and texture that provides an exquisite taste experience matched only by the visually stunning color and shape of each chocolate. Artisans capture the flavorful essence of nature’s alchemy, blending the finest chocolate from Belgium, Switzerland, and Spain with delectable, and sometimes unexpected, ingredients and flavors using old-world techniques. Chocolate flavors may include: jasmine, passion fruit, espresso, honey lavender, Tahitian vanilla, curry, ginger, praline, hazelnut, lemon and mango, and many more.

A purchase of multiple boxes of chocolate delivering to the same address may be eligible for special shipping rates. Please contact Customer Care.
Chocolates are non-returnable.
Dimensions: 6.0in W x 12.0in L x 1.2in D

Special Information
To ensure freshness, products are shipped using Priority Mail with delivery in two to three business days. Shipments are made on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please choose an approximate delivery date by clicking on the calendar icon below and selecting from the available delivery dates (highlighted in red.) To guarantee delivery on a specific date, contact Customer Care at 877-223-4600; upgraded charges may apply.

Delivery date:

Shipping charge (based on items in My Basket): $15.00

To view how shipping charges are calculated for this item or to view additional shipping information, click the “Shipping” tab on the left.



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