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10 Cocktails to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Source: – by Maryse Chevriere, Editor  

Sweet cocktails, spicy cocktails, drinks featuring chocolate liqueurs and bitters, and others flavored with floral spirits — we have recipes for all that and more in our Valentine’s Day cocktail roundup. 

Chocolate Cherry Russian

This cocktail takes the traditional White Russian in a new direction by freezing the mixer and garnish — in this recipe, chocolate milk with cherries — into an eye-catching ice cube. The more the cube melts, the better the cocktail gets. 

Chocolate and Spice Cocktail

This cocktail, from Veritas pastry chef Emily Wallendjack, is an indulgent drink that “tastes like a boozy, liquid bonbon.” 

Chocolate Negroni

This take on the classic cocktail celebrates the winning pairing of chocolate and orange (the traditional Negroni garnish). It combines Plymouth gin, Punt e Mes vermouth (very bold, spicy, and rich), Campari, and a whisper each of white crème de cacao and chocolate mole bitters. 

Absinthe and Old Lace

Created by Jackson Cannon of Boston’s Eastern Standard, this Grasshopper spinoff features premium crème de menthe, absinthe, and gin, and is topped with shaved bittersweet chocolate. 

Spicy Basil Cocktail

A little bit of spice from the Sriracha, sweetness from the St. Germain, and bubbles from the splash of sparkling wine make this drink an ideal Valentine’s Day choice. 

Tea Rose Martini

Forgot to buy flowers? Not to worry, this drink has you covered with its use of St. Germain and rosewater. 

Lola in Love Cocktail

For your tequila-loving sweetie, try this lovely cocktail made with Tanteo chocolate tequila and cranberry purée. 

The Parisian

This Valentine’s Day cocktail from New York City’s South Gate fuses cranberry and orange juices with vodka and Grand Marnier. 

Raspberry-Champagne Mojitos

This utterly delicious and sophisticated cocktail is topped with champagne or sparkling wine instead of club soda. Serve it in a coupe with no ice, so as to not dilute the bubbles. 

The Valentine Cocktail

Like drinking liquid chocolate-covered strawberries, this cocktail from expert mixologist Charlotte Voisey combines Stoli chocolate raspberry vodka with fresh, muddled strawberries.


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